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On Challenge

A few years ago Jonathan Blow (the dude what made Braid) gave a talk about why modern video games are fundamentally perverse. In short, game developers are challenged to tell a story while simultaneously designing a series of puzzles that … Continue reading

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Sandboxing Super Street Fighter IV

So I’ve had a Nintendo 3ds in my hands for the last week or so, thanks to a lucky opportunity that landed me on Nintendo’s press list. Along with the 3DS came a handful of games that i’m not really … Continue reading

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On Commitments.

in which I make all kinds of excuses for bailing out on a challenge I liked Demon’s Souls. Like, even. In fact, when I evicted that fucker from my PS3, slapping it into its case and banishing it from my … Continue reading

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10 Games I Think Everyone Should Play

Feeling tired and lazy today, so I’m just going to list a whole bunch of games I think everyone should play. Also, I started occasionally streaming MVC3 games on my channel, so if you want to see why I’m … Continue reading

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Games Are Serious Business

Fate of the World is a serious game from Red Redemption, a ragtag band of game developers who built a climate change simulator based on scientific research conducted at Oxford University. It’s the closest approximation of a “serious game” philosopher’s stone I’ve … Continue reading

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MVC3 as a Spectator Sport

(Warning: Another Marvel vs. Capcom 3-related post.) I’m watching a stream of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament held during Final Round, a major Street Fighter tournament in Atlanta that has been going on for years. This is nothing new. … Continue reading

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How To Get Good At Anything

(My flavor of the week is still Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but this post applies to just about anything, really.) In grade school, I was the Video Game Kid. That didn’t mean I had all the video games, mind you–my … Continue reading

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