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Yakuza 3 Is Frankly Fantastic

I don’t have anything insightful to say about the state of the gaming industry, because I’ve been too busy playing games to think about what it means to play games. I meant to spend the morning scrawling a self-indulgent screed … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on Gaming Suckitude

Got lunch with Alex and Nate during the week and chatted about games, as usual. This time it was over Thai food. I got the fried chicken. The E3 fever has died down now, and we’re back in our usual … Continue reading

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This iPad is Pretty Cool

Just joined the ranks of the iPad-toting elites, and the first few hours so far have been pretty cool. I’m looking forward to reading a ton on this thing, writing the occasional post, and of course, playing lots and lots … Continue reading

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Palette Swaps Podcast Episode 2: Unplugged

Episode Two of PSBS has arrived, and the Palette Swaps crew is back from LA to talk E3, Mother 3 and how David may well be the Lester Bangs of chiptunes journalism. But if there’s anything that E3 taught us, … Continue reading

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Games Are No Fun

I’ve struggled for months to write about the how great games are, about the positive influence of play on my life. I can’t. Games have hurt me, diluted potent portions of life like blood thinners in the veins of an … Continue reading

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Top “Experiences” of E3

While getting some hands-on time with Nintendo’s Wii U at The Show this past week, they made sure to tell us that what we were playing were “experiences”, not games. I thought this rather bizarre, as all of the “experiences” … Continue reading

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Social Gaming

…with a little help from my friends I’m something of a misanthrope. And having spent the last week worming my way through a teeming mass of gaming enthusiasts, the fact that none of my friends share my hobby of choice … Continue reading

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