Coming at you live from Evolution 2011.

Neither Street Fighter nor sleep deprivation will keep me from contributing to Palette Swaps. Such is my dedication.

I’m typing this from the ballroom at the Rio in Las Vegas, and it’s the second full day of the tournament. It never fails to amaze me how many people are willing to make the trek out to Evo. I’m surrounded by people who feel the exact same way I do when they watch Daigo Umehara beast on someone on the big screen.

The trip so far has been rather uneventful–each day a blur of booze and video games that kind of blend into the next. I’m glad that I came. I enjoy a long weekend as much as the next guy, but this is a five day trip devoted exclusively to hanging out with good friends from across the globe and playing some good fucking video games. I don’t care how much you love your Minecraft buildings or that story about that really thought-provoking D&D session. Evolution, MLG, and the GSL finals are all happening this weekend. For a good time, call a bunch of competitive gamers and tell them to play for money, booze, and honor.

For those of you keeping score at home: The only game I entered was Marvel, and I win my first two matches, then lost to Frieda (some guy from Japan) and some random dude. All in all, pretty happy with my performance, especially considering I prepared mostly by applying Starcraft 2 over the last few weeks. I have neither the time nor the ambition to be a top player. It’s enough for me to be the gatekeeper that reminds the 2008 scrubs that there were people playing this game long before SFIV dropped. I may not spend a whole lot of time playing these days, but I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know. Then I can lose to the guy from Japan and go home happy.

One last note before I go: I don’t care if you don’t play fighting games. If you read this blog, you owe it to yourself to attend an Evo or an MLG or something. It doesn’t matter if you care about the games at all. What matters is that you see for yourself how much other people do.

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