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Look At My Fortress.

nurturing my latent exhibitionist There’s a gallery after the jump, which means you’ll have to click things. It’ll be painless, I promise.

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just some shit

i’m just gonna write some shit here because it’s been one hell of a week or so and i’m way too tired to capitalize properly so FUCK YOU. i got like 5 hours of sleep last night and had nightmares … Continue reading

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The Name Game

I want to share something I stumbled across this week on BLDGBLOG, an intriguing game design project submitted for consideration in the 2011 Animal Architecture Awards. The project is called Theriomorphous Cyborg, and it’s one of (if not the only) … Continue reading

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Method Gaming 101

No matter what you love to play, games are all about self-improvement. Nail that combo. Jump that chasm. Top that score. Getting better at games is serious business, and I’m here this morning to teach you one of my secret … Continue reading

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Games for Kids

I was going to write about Bastion today, but right when I sat down at my desk I got a call from one my good buddies telling me that he just found out his fair lady is ~5 months along … Continue reading

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Palette Swaps Podcast Episode 3: D&D Live On Tape

Episode Three of PSBS is available for your listening pleasure. In this episode Palette Swaps goes polyhedral as the crew gather at Nate’s palatial estate to drink, fight and throw dice. Also, we play some D&D and talk a bit … Continue reading

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Capcom’s Street Fighter Parties: A Retrospective

Street Fighter Club, San Francisco, 2009 It all started with Street Fighter IV. See, the period before the Street Fighter IV launch is widely regarded as the Dead Era of Street Fighter when it comes to Capcom’s involvement–the Evolution series … Continue reading

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Casually Hardcore

Sometimes I think God rested on the seventh day because he celebrated His Creation a little too hard the night before. Certainly I’ve spent my fair share of Sabbath days sobering up on the couch, but purchasing an iPad has … Continue reading

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Marvel vs. MAHVEL

I was chatting with a buddy of mine at Evo last weekend about some of the upcoming changes to our beloved MAHVEL in the upcoming Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and we started talking about one of the not-so-big game … Continue reading

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Idle Hands

I’m not racin’, I’m just sprintin’ So. Death. Morbid I know, but that eventual shuffle off of this mortal coil is never too far from my decision making processes. I thrive on progress (progression, really), and there are few sins … Continue reading

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