just some shit

i’m just gonna write some shit here because it’s been one hell of a week or so and i’m way too tired to capitalize properly so FUCK YOU. i got like 5 hours of sleep last night and had nightmares of graphics card drivers (fucking shit nvidia fuckdrivers) while i did. the morning made up for it because i was able to return my dear PC to its previous state of half-brokenness but still i spent like 4 hours of my friday night on that shit ;_; then i got all-you-can-eat sushi + chinese food for $9 in Hayward which was pretty dope but now i just kind of want to pass out. Passing out would be a suboptimal usage of my precious weekend time though so i’m getting my palette swaps stuff out of the way now.


I don’t get Bastion. i spent the first hour or so being irritated at the narrator and generally unimpressed with the actual gameplay. but i gave it a chance. spent 3-4 more hours playing the game and i still don’t think the actual game part is fun. narrator is kind of neat but i think it’s more of a cute attempt to feel “different” and “indie” rather than an actually interesting storytelling technique. i haven’t finished it (and i forgot to back up my saves when i reformatted my PC the other day) but i imagine that the whole narrator thing is used for some sweet plot twist which makes the dumb part of my brain go ohhhhh shiiiiiit and the smart part of my brain feel insulted. pretty game, though. don’t like the whole level-bricks-flying-to-you-out-of-nowhere so much.

fucking computers

sold my laptop to a neat guy and decided to turn around and spend that money on the FrankenPC that nate helped me build. (i do think he’s probably miserly hoarding his Intel chips somewhere and hoped that i’d be easily bought off with this AMD processor. if that’s what he’s doing, he’s right.)

so now the laptop is gone, replaced with this PC that kind of feels like it’s a ferrari engine grafted onto an ’86 Corolla. the nvidia drivers will not cease their relentless fucking with my system; after a few hours of troubleshooting and installing and uninstalling and rolling back and trying to figure out what drivers you’re supposed to use for a 5-year-old graphics card, i got it to the point where it’s only mildly fucked up (which is important, because we’ll be using this thing to watch MLG on the big screen on Sunday–come by and say hi!). it’s weird, something in the graphics drivers is making the computer stutter ever-so-slightly. it’s noticeable in everything, and it’s really annoying. fucking computers.

once my new shit comes in, though, i’ll finally join the rest of modern civilization with a nice graphics card (gtx 570), a 1tb hard drive, and a blu-ray drive. sweet. not like i’ll magically have more time to play games with it, though.

double fine

in a serendipitous twist of events, the reddit guy i sold my laptop to happened to be the CFO of double fine, which was pretty cool. i think of them as like, the radiohead, or the weezer, of video games. we ended up exchanging business cards and i got a sweet tour of their offices.

i swear, it looks like candyland in there. THEY HAVE GRIM FANDANGO ART. wtf. reminded me of the days where i too wanted to make games.

third strike online edition

bought 3soe on xbla. it’s…3s. god the new menu + character select music is SO bad. much like normal 3s, parry practice is more fun than actually playing the game against another person. trying to reenact evo moment #37 is a great way to waste an hour. i hear the ps3 version has input lag–probably want to stay away from that.

i’ve been casting sc2!

so i started a tournament in the selectbutton.net forums, and people are sending me replays to cast. check ’em out at my youtube channel. i’m trying to do a different thing than other casters by a) mostly casting below-average players and b) just kind of rambling on while drinking or smoking. hella fun. join me sometime!

now time to go watch the UFC. then watch MLG SC2 finals all day tomorrow. awww yeah.


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