Money, Meet Mouth Hole

something like an advertisement

“Charitable giving” isn’t really my thing. And with 29 days to go to raise a measly $800, there is absolutely no chance this thing is going to fail.

But there’s still that lingering part of me that wants to be in on the ground floor of something spectacular. And with this many people raising so much money so fucking quickly… they want this. We want this. Hell, I want this.

“This” being a living shrine for video game culture.

I didn’t spend much time on Boing Boing’s Offworld. I was freelancing full time then, living the dream of being a video game wordsmith for hire, but coming to terms with the lack of job security, the lack of health insurance, the lack of satisfaction — a recurring theme, I’m realizing. Minus the health insurance, that’s squared away now.

I didn’t have time (I rationalized) to daydream about video games as culture — I needed to think about them as commodity, to keep readers clicking on shit with my byline attached, to keep my paymasters convinced that I was worth keeping around.

I love a thing so differently than everyone else I know. And here was a weblog wherein likeminded scribes would say and do and see the things I felt. And I scoffed, because I didn’t see a viable business model.

I was right I guess, and Offworld shuttered. But Offworld (or something like it) is just about back. And I guess there’s still time to get that passion back. To make every word I write or type or read a valuable one.

Anyway, the point is you should give Venus Patrol some of your money. And if it’s too late (it very well could be, they’re on a roll), give them your time and attention when they’re back, doling out the good stuff.

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