Why I Love PC Gaming

Started playing Mass Effect again in preparation for ME3; I played through the original 2 over holiday break last year but my saves were lost when I migrated to the desktop PC a few months ago. Not a terrible loss; I lost a few characters in the ME2 ending, and I kind of rushed through the first one anyway.

I could barely bring myself to finish the original, thanks to its clunky battle system and stupidly long elevator rides. That hasn’t been fixed in my second play through, but a few console tweaks make the game far more playable. All you have to do is type slomo 3 to speed the game up 3x and/or setrunspeed 1600 (I think) and Shepard will be zooming around the Citadel tagging Keepers like nobody’s business. Tank level? No problem, just crank up the speed. It’s like playing classic SNES RPGs with fast forward on, only it’s a modern PC game. Far more playable this way.

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