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Making things, and making things better

I decided a few weeks ago that a lot of the stuff I’m doing on the side–including this blog–are really done with the intent that one day I’ll be in a position to actually make some games myself, so I … Continue reading

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IndieCade 2011

Guys, guys! Guess what’s happening in downtown Culver City next weekend? No not the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes,¬†IndieCade! Every year some of the most creative independent game developers in the world assemble in this godforsaken corner of L.A. … Continue reading

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Method Gaming 101

No matter what you love to play, games are all about self-improvement. Nail that combo. Jump that chasm. Top that score. Getting better at games is serious business, and I’m here this morning to teach you one of my secret … Continue reading

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D&D Redux: Why Role-Playing Games Matter (To Me)

OR: How I Learned To Stop Leaning On Pop Culture Cliches And Develop A Unique Fucking Perspective We’re playing D&D tomorrow. Tabletop role-playing games got a bum rap in the 20th century for corrupting the youth, like fantastic satanic fluoride … Continue reading

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