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IndieCade 2011

Guys, guys! Guess what’s happening in downtown Culver City next weekend? No not the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes, IndieCade! Every year some of the most creative independent game developers in the world assemble in this godforsaken corner of L.A. … Continue reading

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Minecraft Is For Kids

After reading Jeff Vogel’s post about why adults don’t play Minecraft, I realized that I’m part of the problem. Exploring or creating things no longer holds any intrinsic reward; I play games to discover wonderful things, but those wonderful things … Continue reading

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How Deus Ex Brings Out The Worst In Me (And Why I Love It)

Games aren’t meant to be fun, right? We’re past that. These days they’re designed to be satisfying, and playing Deus Ex satisfies some of my deepest, darkest needs. I need to be fast. I need to be efficient. I need … Continue reading

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Labor Daze

Work, even fun and challenging creative work, can sometimes feel like a grind. That’s why Palette Swaps was created, and it’s why we’re spending our holiday studiously avoiding writing of any sort. In fact, since it’s a Federal holiday I’m … Continue reading

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The Name Game

I want to share something I stumbled across this week on BLDGBLOG, an intriguing game design project submitted for consideration in the 2011 Animal Architecture Awards. The project is called Theriomorphous Cyborg, and it’s one of (if not the only) … Continue reading

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Method Gaming 101

No matter what you love to play, games are all about self-improvement. Nail that combo. Jump that chasm. Top that score. Getting better at games is serious business, and I’m here this morning to teach you one of my secret … Continue reading

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Palette Swaps Podcast Episode 3: D&D Live On Tape

Episode Three of PSBS is available for your listening pleasure. In this episode Palette Swaps goes polyhedral as the crew gather at Nate’s palatial estate to drink, fight and throw dice. Also, we play some D&D and talk a bit … Continue reading

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